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Offering hope & support to people affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic

We Care Ministry began in 1992 when a member of our congregation who had AIDS stood before the congregation and publicly announced that he was living with AIDS. Because Victory has always been a ministry that ministered to the needs of the people, our Pastors Gary and Faye Whetstone quickly became educated on HIV/AIDS and brought this education to the congregation and staff. Although this young man went home to be with the Lord, the We Care Ministry has continued to this day, ministering to hundreds of people with HIV/AIDS.

In those early years, there was not the widespread education or the medications that have helped to extend the lives of many living with this disease. People were not as educated and many still feared that if they sat next to someone with HIV or drank at the water fountain after someone with AIDS, that they would be infected. Victory became one of the first ministries in our area to educate the church and take a stand to help people and their families who were infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. We have through the years maintained a bi-monthly support group that ministers to those with this disease. This support group is one of the largest in the state of Delaware. Anyone with HIV/AIDS can walk into our congregation and freely worship and serve the Lord without the fear of rejection. People are received with the love of God and helped to overcome the many obstacles and situations that accompany living with this disease.

We Care Ministries not only has a support group that meets twice a month, but they have many events throughout the year where people are uplifted and blessed. Our Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas celebration with special gifts is a very joyous occasion and one that the people look forward to. We also support the AIDS WALK yearly and give to make this event a success. At Victory Christian Fellowship, we believe that the life of Jesus Christ is alive within us and His life causes us to live victoriously no matter what our circumstances are. Thus those who volunteer for this ministry and those who come to be ministered to always leave with hope and expectation in their hearts knowing that God's good plan for their lives will be fulfilled. If you are living with HIV/AIDS, we want you to know that God loves you and so do we.

If we can help you in any way or if you would like to volunteer to help someone with HIV/AIDS, please call us at 302-324-5400.


If you or a loved one are effected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, join us and receive:

- Encouragement through Biblical counseling in a Christian environment.

- Confidential group sharing and support.

Meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.

Make a donation.

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