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So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
John 8:36 (NIV)

Confidential Ministry and Support for Freedom from Homosexuality

Victory Christian Fellowship cares about individuals who are in the homosexual lifestyle. The compassionate staff and volunteers of this confidential ministry reach out to:

  1. Those who desire to be free from homosexuality
  2. Family members who are standing in the gap for their loved ones’ lives and freedom from homosexuality
  3. Friends and coworkers who are praying for those in the homosexual lifestyle

What Is Homosexuality and How Can We Help?

Homosexual behavior is an attempt to fulfill normal, legitimate needs for love, acceptance, and identity through sexual intimacy with someone of the same sex. Every human heart desires and longs for true, deep intimacy with God and others. It is a longing from which we cannot escape and one which God alone has the power to satisfy.

Trying to fill this longing by any other means results only in pain and disappointment. Jesus Christ came to set us free from lies, fear, denial, guilt, and shame and bring us into His abundant life of victory, love, acceptance, comfort, joy, righteousness, purpose, and freedom. For many people, the struggle with homosexuality is enveloped in a cloak of secrecy, silence, isolation, and fear. The Freedom Ministry brings an end to the hiding.

Freedom Ministry is a non-funded, volunteer-staffed Christian ministry offering biblical understanding, prayer, and support for those desiring freedom from homosexuality. Biblical one-on-one ministry is performed by nonprofessional staff trained in the Word of God and prayer. If professional assistance is deemed necessary, our staff will promptly make a referral.

In a private atmosphere of Christ-like compassion, Freedom Ministry brings the clarity of God’s Word to provide change and support to those struggling with homosexuality. This ministry is provided primarily through one-on-one sharing by phone or by appointment. If you desire freedom from homosexuality or are praying for someone in this lifestyle, Freedom Ministry wants to help. Contact us today.

“God Set Me Free!”

Gail Van Scoyk, the leader of Freedom Ministry, has personally experienced God’s love, which completely transformed her life. Gail was in the gay lifestyle since she was a young girl. When she was 29 years old, the Holy Spirit began to draw and gently lead her to people and places where she found freedom. Because God has miraculously changed Gail’s life, she now dedicates herself to the work of the ministry. Her desire is to see others experience the same transforming love and power of God that she found 21 years ago.

Phone: (302) 324-5400 or toll-free (800) 383-4223

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