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The Follow Up Ministry at Victory is a wonderful ministry which follows up on the visitors, members and anyone who is ministered to in any of the services and outreach areas of the ministry. Through telephone calls, post cards, letters and visits, we reach out and touch the Body of Christ with love and compassion.

What happens when I come to Victory for the first time?

Every visitor who attends Victory receives a warm welcome during the service and is handed a flower by one of the hostesses. Then each visitor is invited back to the Welcome Center at the close of the service for a lovely reception and a free gift from Pastors Gary and Faye.

Our Host and Hostesses are available in the Welcome Center for prayer and to answer any questions about the Ministry or any of the events at Victory.

During the week at Victory, our Prayer Ministers are very busy in the Prayer Center answering the prayer calls that come in and also calling all of those who came for the very first time. Each visitor will receive a phone call thanking them for their visit and offering prayer.

Every person who is ministered to in the altar or in our many outreaches that take place on a weekly basis, receives a call during the week for prayer and encouragement.

Victory Cares About You! Whether it is a phone call, a hug, a handshake or a hand written post-card, our desire is that you feel God's love operating through us and showing the life of Jesus revealed in us!


Our beautiful Prayer Call Center is open daily for prayer calls, walk-ins and any other way that we can minister God's love to His people.

Call the Prayer Center @ 302-323-4996 or E-mail:

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