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Various ministries involved in areas of ministry that are specifically geared towards reaching the community.


We believe in living out the Word of God but also in breaking most of the other traditional and religious mind-sets associated with church. Chances are you will be sitting in one of our services or activities next to another young person from your own school.


Victory Kids is an exciting, fun-filled ministry from the Word of God for children. At Victory Christian Fellowship, we believe that God holds each family together. Our goal is to help build strong families, which begins with serving the Lord.


Dr. Whetstone's passion is to see the Word of God cover the world as the seas cover the earth. This vision is being accomplished through many ministry outreaches. These include: sending mission and evangelistic teams around the globe.

Drama, Dance and Music

Plays, musicals and various aspects of the performing Arts used to convey the gospel message.


The media department use technology and media types to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.

School of Biblical Studies

You will learn how faith works in your life, how with the Old Testament and the New Testament together that you become a complete being functioning in the kingdom of God as a new creation. You will learn how the dynamic theology of the unveiling of the nature of God brings you into a full expression of Him.

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