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Click to register for the Dec. 2013 trip to Israel!

You're invited to a wondrous journey to the cradle of Christianity. A trip through the pages of the Bible. You'll relive the lives of Jesus and His disciples, from the holiest of sites in Israel, to Paul's missionary journey through Turkey, Athens and Corinth in Greece.

Your Journey Includes:

  • Round-Trip Airfare from N.Y. New York
  • Beautiful Hotels
  • Buffet Breakfast and Dinner Daily
  • Expert Guides
  • Baptismal-Robe Rental (Israel tour only)
  • Taxes
  • Visas (Israel tour, US Citizens Only)
  • On-Location Teaching
  • Full Sightseeing
  • Deluxe Motor coaches
  • Entrance Fees
  • Scripture Guide
  • Various Locations for Praise-and-Worship Events and Teachings

Travel Preferences
We accommodate individuals, couples, families, and pastors, groups large and small on our wonderful customized tours.

Our Destinations include Israel, Greece and Turkey.

What do we offer for group travel?
We work closely with the largest tour operators from all over the United States, and internationally delivering complete tour packages that include: air transport, accommodations, ground transport, meals, sightseeing, top professional tour guides, coordination of events and special activities, coordination of conferences and conventions as well as educational packages. Our tour programs last anywhere from 9 to 11 days to any single or multiple destinations we cover. In depth teachings of the Bible are an integral part of our tours. Our specifically tailored tours offer a wide range of sites and interests for everyone and are conducted and supervised by licensed guides.

What do we offer for individual travelers?
Whether you travel alone or with your family and friends, GWWM Tours offers many tour itineraries. From group travel in Israel to Turkey and Greece. In any destination you choose you will find the most enjoyable and affordable way to travel.

How are we different?
We strive for excellence and professionalism in every thing we do for you. Our staff is the best the travel industry has to offer, and our top priority is to deliver the finest travel experience to you. But as always, the best way to find out will be to ask one of the many people who has traveled with us. 

Please refer to our travel brochure on any tour we offer for current pricing
For more information contact us at: (302) 324.5400 ext. 0 or (800) 383.4223 ext. 0.

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