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Take this opportunity to take one of the GWWM Bible School Courses absolutely free!. When we say one course can change your life we aren't kidding. The free course Your Liberty In Christ will set you free. The biblical concept of righteousness is very powerful and liberating. Take the free course and find out for yourself. Use the form below to sign-up.

Conquering Your Unseen EnemiesCONQUERING YOUR UNSEEN ENEMIES - This begins with the story of one young man's miraculous healing and deliverance from drugs, mental illness, and a destructive lifestyle. Gary Whetstone was the all-American boy: Student Council president, football captain, state-ranked tennis player, and high academic achiever. However, a tragic accident instantly changed his life and paved the way for drugs, insanity, a motorcycle gang, sex, and violence to take control. This is a story about achieving victory! Our Price - $12.99



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