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GWWM and Victory Christian Fellowship is involved on both Domestic and Urban missions. The great comission of activity that Jesus Christ has commanded has no boundaries and the mission field is world.

  • Blessings Dressings and More - Every Saturday the Blessings Dressings and more ministry reaches out to the community providing food and cloting to those in need.

  • The Neighborhood Evangelism Team (NET) - Thousands of people have been reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the work of the GWWM Neighborhood Evangelism Team. The NET mees every Saturday at 9:30am for prayer and then a t 10:00am they take to the streets to be a witness for Jesus Christ.

  • Nursing Home - Additional Information to be supplied.

  • Hospital Visitation - Additional Information to be supplied.

More information: 302-324-5400




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