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I appreciate the time you are taking to visit with us here in the School of Biblical Studies. In this Bible School, we have set forth courses that will take you as a believer and fashion and form you, and bring forth the fullness of the revelation of the life of Jesus to be manifested in your life.

You will learn how faith works in your life, how with the Old Testament and the New Testament together that you become a complete being functioning in the kingdom of God as a new creation. You will learn how the dynamic theology of the unveiling of the nature of God brings you into a full expression of Him. You will learn how practical ministries give you the every day operation of how you can function in the Spirit and your daily walk.

The School of Biblical Studies is dynamically designed for students who will be as hungry for the Word of God as you are. The instructors are supernaturally empowered and experienced in life, and knowledgeable in the Word to take you to a level you will never forget.  The School of Biblical Studies will take you into the fullness of life that Jesus purposed for you from the foundation of the world.

I pray that you will find the resources and tools needed that will equip, nourish and strengthen you in the Word of God.

In His service
Dr. Gary V. Whetstone

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