Gary Whetstone Worldwide Ministries

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GWWM is an international organization dedicated to seeing the “Word of God cover the world as the water covers the sea.” To fulfill this vision GWWM is utilizing the latest technology including the internet and television to know Christ and make Him known.

GWWM depends on the 3 I’s of ministry:  



GWWM is committed to utilizing the latest technology and methods to proclaim the timeless message of Christ.


Thru local churches and Bible Schools we help believers not only accept Christ but to become active, growing members of the Body of Christ.

GWWM has a world vision and a commitment to the local church. By equipping the members of the church to teach and preach the word we have an impact on a local and international scale. With 4 local churches and Bible school classes spread all over the world GWWM is training up the next generation of leaders.

The Vision of Gary Whetstone Worldwide Ministry:


Our Statement of Faith:


Has This Ministry Helped You? Please let us know if this ministry has helped you in any way. We want to celebrate God's victory in your life and give Him all the glory. Call, E-mail, or write us today..

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